193/365 – Colour

Animals, Macro, Nature, Photography

After the rain, the garden was positively heaving with snails.  I decided I wanted to photograph them but was keen to try something a little different and use a completely unnatural setting (thanks to Dad for giving me that idea).  So, what better use for a multi-coloured umbrella?!

I chose the feature image because I liked the drip collecting on his head – it just adds to the slightly unusual setting.  If I was being critical, I might consider using a bit of flash or a reflector just to bring out the shadows a little.   The one below is Speedy Gonsnailez…you can even see his trail as he headed at top speed for whatever he had in his sights!  It kind of reminds me of an old cartoon I drew.


Purple and yellow are fabulous contrasting colours. untitled_44_150712

4 thoughts on “193/365 – Colour”

  1. Beautiful! I also really like the feature picture and how the drop on his head shows the colors!

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