Red Kites

It was a lazy, grey Sunday afternoon – the Sunday before I started my new job.  It has been more than a month since I finished my previous job and moved to Wales.  The new house if finally in order and it seemed only fitting […]

Trap racing practice

Utah Beach

It’s been nearly two months since my holiday to Normandy and Brittany and I’ve only just started to sort through some of my photos.  Moving house and countries (to Wales) does take up a lot of time – it means I haven’t picked up my camera for […]


YNOT Festival

I’m almost 40 and I’d never been to weekend music festival – until last weekend. I survived – Woo!  My campervan was a God send a little haven of tranquility (well, everything is relative) at the end of the day.  I wasn’t sure I had the […]

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rugby girls

Rugby women

This was perhaps one of my more challenging shoots.  A women’s rugby team no less.   There were several things working against us. Firstly, we didn’t have a pitch to use as a backdrop, and the bit of garden we did have was flooded in […]

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Cowboys and disused railways

After work last week, some friends and I headed to a disused railway with our prop box – full to the brim with masks, odd clothing, musical instruments and fake weaponry – for a bit of lighthearted photography. Well, on arrival, we discovered that the railway […]

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Eroica Britannia

My first visit to the vintage / retro cycling festival in the quaint town of Bakewell.  The mud was thick, but so was the atmosphere – thick with laughter and enjoyment.   Tweed was in abundance, as were the pre-1987 bicycles, the vintage caps and jerseys. Dogs, […]

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