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201/365 – Water Water Everywhere!

A burst mains pipe in the village meant the water board had to release some pressure by opening a tap on our road! The water poured down the road for hours and people were collecting it by the bucket load to water their garden.  Apologies […]

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194/365 – Exam time

I’m not averse to using my iPhone to capture an image but I must admit I don’t do it very often – for this project anyway.  The main reason I chose to start the 365 project was to practise using my camera so I try to […]

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193/365 – Colour

After the rain, the garden was positively heaving with snails.  I decided I wanted to photograph them but was keen to try something a little different and use a completely unnatural setting (thanks to Dad for giving me that idea).  So, what better use for […]


192/365 – Gosling

I know I’ve recently posted photos ducklings…but you can’t beat fluffy little babies!  I took these on a lovely walk around Potteric Carr Nature Reserve.  We spotted marsh harriers and black necked grebes, but neither were within photographing distance.

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189/365 – Calm

I had every intention of braving the pouring rain to photograph myself on a rock with an umbrella, dark clouds looming and rain hammering down.  Then the sun came out!  So that idea was quashed.  Then I took a little trip down to the local […]