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Coloured dice on shiny black surface

7/52 – Indoors

I attempted to photograph a few subjects this week.  More birds – though this was scuppered by the neighbour’s cat who insisted (noisily) on keeping me company while I sat in a bush waiting for the nuthatches.   Then, I found myself rummaging through drawers […]

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Summer turns to autumn

There’s a definitely a change in the air.   The long hot days of summer are slowly ebbing away.  The unusually long dry spell in ‘wet Wales’ has finally broken to make way for storms and high winds.  On calmer days, the mornings are cool […]

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355/365 – Physalis

Every evening for the past month or so, I have been slowly creeping past my neighbour’s garden.  Not in a creepy, stalking kind of way, I just wanted to check his physalis bush!  I’ve been watching and waiting for the flowers to decay and leave behind their pretty […]

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