189/365 – Calm

Abstract, Landscape, Photography

I had every intention of braving the pouring rain to photograph myself on a rock with an umbrella, dark clouds looming and rain hammering down.  Then the sun came out!  So that idea was quashed.  Then I took a little trip down to the local pond to photograph some swallows, dipping over the water…well, if you’ve ever tried to photograph these birds, you’ll understand why I gave up on that idea pretty quickly.   They are way too fast and their movement is extremely unpredictable making them difficult to follow.   There were however, lots of other birds on the water including a coot and her three babies as well as some mandarins and mallards with their ducklings.  It turns out that coots are fiercely protective of their chicks and will chase off anything that comes within 5 meters!

But my photo of the day is a strange construction poking out of the water.  This and the reflections made for an interesting composition – the dark green lines are the reflection of some railings and the yellow in between is the sun shining on the bushes behind them.

untitled_3_150708 untitled_8_150708 untitled_10_150708 untitled_23_150708 untitled_5_150708

9 thoughts on “189/365 – Calm”

  1. I really like this photograph. I love the contrast of the straight lines of the posts contrasted against the reippled yellow/green reflections

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