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339/365 – Wall of water

The weekend was horribly windy and wet as storm Desmond hit the UK.  The west side of the country bore the brunt of the weather with a month’s worth of rain falling in one weekend.  Rivers in Cumbria and Lancashire burst their banks, flooding homes […]


288/365 – Taking a swim

We flew back to the mainland from the Scilly Isles this morning.   The sunrise over our little cottage was beautiful and we were sad to leave.  The flight over was as thrilling as it was a few days earlier, only this time, I was sitting right […]

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224/365 – Filling the tub

I told myself that while the weather is nice, I should make the effort to go outdoors for my photographs.  It is probably a good idea to save my indoor ideas for the winter months but today I’ve been a bit under the weather and couldn’t manage to […]

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219/365 – Morning Tweet

Friday morning, the sun was shining and this man was soaking it up in front of the Sheffield station fountains.   I’ve played with this image using layers, toning, levels and curves in Photoshop.  I’ve also put the original image in this post to give you and […]


201/365 – Water Water Everywhere!

A burst mains pipe in the village meant the water board had to release some pressure by opening a tap on our road! The water poured down the road for hours and people were collecting it by the bucket load to water their garden.  Apologies […]

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