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336/365 – Portrait of a photographer

When a professional photographer asks you to take their portrait, it is both a compliment and a cause of anxiety! But, I stepped up to the plate and spent the morning with Kirsten, a friend and photographer.  We both nervously scouted for a spot in the woods to […]

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329/365 – About town

I spent several hours at my local nature reserve trying to take advantage of the good weather and photographic light. It’s typical –  when all the conditions are right, the wildlife seems to disappear.   So, later that evening I went in search of a […]


270/365 – Super blood moon

Everyone has been posting images of the super blood moon – a rare combination of a lunar eclipse and a full moon being closer than usual.   The event happened in the early hours of the morning when I was fast asleep. But, when I saw the […]


189/365 – Calm

I had every intention of braving the pouring rain to photograph myself on a rock with an umbrella, dark clouds looming and rain hammering down.  Then the sun came out!  So that idea was quashed.  Then I took a little trip down to the local […]


163/365 – Pine cones

So these shots were taken after a night out with work friends.  I had anticipated a late night and left a pine cone on the sideboard for my return. I can’t say it’s my best work but sometimes socialising gets in the way of photography. […]

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