House Martins

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One of my neighbours is a keen painter – particularly of birds.  She recently asked me if I could photograph the house martins nesting in the eaves of our new home.    Unfortunately, they are just a little too far away to photograph – we have a very tall house- even with my 400mm lens, but it reminded me that I’d photographed nesting house martins at our last house.

They are delightful little birds.  Always squabbling amongst themselves, but working extremely hard to build and maintain their mud nests which they return to every year from Africa!

At dusk, they gather in flocks and chatter away, presumably about how their day has been, before bedding down for the night.  They are protected by law – you should never destroy their nests whilst they are occupied – and we are privileged to share our home with them.

House martin (4 of 5)

House martin (5 of 5)


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