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6/52 Winter blast

After the recent heavy snowfall (UK), I started to ponder what happened in days gone by when snow was a common occurrence?  Did we shut schools at the slightest flurry, or give up trying to get the car off the drive because of an inch […]


52 Photo Challenge 1/52

It’s been a while since I’ve given myself a photographic challenge.  Some of you will remember this website was set up in 2015 for a 365 project which tested my commitment to it’s limits. But, I made it.   My work patterns have changed in […]

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5 foot nutcracker guarding the bar in the Christmas Market

Night lights in Cardiff

Looking back over the photographic year, I decided my album was a little thin compared to previous years, so I organised an impromptu photo walk with some colleagues. With just a few short days before work breaks up for the holidays, four of us lugged […]


Skirrid moods

The mountain…ahem… ‘hill’ opposite our house is one of the main reasons we chose to move. It’s the view from our bedroom and living room and we love it.  Every moment of every day, Skirrid offers a new picture and palette of colours.  I now […]


Summer turns to autumn

There’s a definitely a change in the air.   The long hot days of summer are slowly ebbing away.  The unusually long dry spell in ‘wet Wales’ has finally broken to make way for storms and high winds.  On calmer days, the mornings are cool […]

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House Martins

One of my neighbours is a keen painter – particularly of birds.  She recently asked me if I could photograph the house martins nesting in the eaves of our new home.    Unfortunately, they are just a little too far away to photograph – we […]

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