Roller Derby

I find myself in a perpetual cycle of getting fit, losing weight, letting go, qualifying for the Couch Potato Games, putting on weight, resolving to do something about it, getting fit, losing weight…You get the picture. In my latest attempt to be disqualified from the […]


Natural lighting

For want of a model, my other half has yet again stepped in front of the lens on a lazy Sunday morning.   I recently bought a book called ‘Lighting People’ by Rosella Vanon, hoping to pick up a few hints and tips.   I’m […]


Glitter and pom poms

Dizzy Pineapple are a sparkling duo who have a penchant for pom poms and all things glitter.    I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to bring them to my home studio and brave the wave of glittery creativity.     You can find them on […]


Birds of Arizona (and a Coyote)

Sifting through photos of a visit to Tucson early last year, I realised there were one or two that were still worth sharing.   I love visiting new places and discovering the local wildlife; Arizona has so much to offer.  Many of these photos were taken […]



How delightful!  I’ve been ‘Discovered’! I woke up to a gazillion notifications after being featured as an Editor’s Pick on WordPress’s Discover site which is quote: “A daily selection of the best content published on WordPress, collected for you by humans who love to read”. What’s […]