Long tailed tits

There’s a patch of woodland behind our house where I recently set up some feeders to entice the local avian population.   So far there are the usual suspects, blue tits, dunnocks, a great spotted woodpecker, robins, coal tits and my favourite, the long-tailed tit. […]



Our next door neighbours’ cats are extraordinary – they’re Maine Coons, one of the largest breeds of domestic cat – and truly are a sight to be hold at nearly three times the size of a normal puss. Minky, the grey, has a tendency to […]

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Mystical woods

It’s been a while since I dusted off the ol’ camera.  Two and a half months ago, we house and time has spun away from me.   Until now, most of the weekends have been dedicated to getting the house in order or entertaining guests. […]


It’s nearly Halloween

My one and only prized mask is perfect for Halloween.  This year, I took it out on location (after a short time in the studio).  In the process I broke a flash and scared some locals!