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Noisy offspring

Every day for last couple of weeks this little woodpecker chick has been squawking consistently from the safety of its hole.  “MUUUUM, DAAAAAAD I NEEED FOOOOD.  NOW”! It took me an age to find the nest site even with all the racket! The hole was […]

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364/365 – Mr Woodpecker

I decided to test the range on my remote shutter release, so I set up my camera a short distance from our bird feeder.   I knew the woodpecker had been several times before and hoped to snap a shot of him while I sat […]

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178/365 – Woodpecker

A lazy start to the day – the first, luxurious morning after a week of top and tailing in the van.  Oh what a fabulous night’s sleep! I do love the van but I also looooove a real bed! We fuelled ourselves with museli, blueberries […]

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3/365 – Woodpecker

I was up early today.  The light was really poor so I decided to test the ISO on my new Canon 7D MK II.  16000 is pretty grainy – I’ve played a little with the luminance!  And, just it was getting light enough to reduce […]