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A walk in the city

First outing with my new Canon 40mm f/2.8 STM pancake lens.  Cheap and cheerful but packs a punch!  It turns my DSLR into a smaller more manageable camera, perfect for carting around town in my work bag!


350/365 – Nightlife

The streets of Sheffield at night offers lots of photographic opportunities. On this occasion, I was out with some of my photography friends and I had a clear aim in mind, I wanted to take photos of people and practice with my flash.   There’s something […]


345/365 – Amber

Off to London town to immerse ourselves in the bustling Christmas crowds but before that, a quick stop to photograph the merry-go-round in Sheffield.  After a two hour journey, we were greeted at St. Pancras Station by a giant Disney character Christmas tree!