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110/365 – Street lights

Late at night, driving home from a meal with friends and I realise I don’t have a photograph for the day!  So I whip out my camera (don’t worry people, I was a passenger), set a slow shutter speed and waved it about as we rolled […]

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83/365 – Curves

It was actually quite a productive day and I had lots of architectural images to choose from. Some from Sheffield where I pottered around the old Park Hill flats – probably some of the most iconic and opinion splitting buildings in Sheffield.  Whilst many sections lay […]


39/365 – Breaking bad

The aim of day 39 was to capture a wide angle shot of a squirrel.   Armed with a bag of nuts, an array of lenses and tripods, a group of us headed to the local botanical gardens to charm a furry friend!   It […]