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Mostly cows…

On a recent visit to Cornwall, we happened upon The annual Stithians Show, one of the largest agricultural shows in the UK and an opportunity for suburbanites to experience a world of cattle grooming, gun dog displays, horse jumping, egg judging, cider sipping and much, much more. […]


Leaping Lambs

If you’re ever feeling low, sit and watch a field full of lambs for a while.  I can guarantee it will brighten your day.   I’ve just been looking over some of the photos I shot last year in Wales.  I don’t know why I […]


254/365 – Quiet graze

The digital manipulation of images has always generated heated discussions online and off.  When does photography branch into the realm of digital art?  In my opinion, there is a fine line between the manipulation of photographs in order to make the necessary ‘digital darkroom adjustments’, and the clear modification […]


242/365 – Piggy wigs!

Saturday was spent at a food and farm festival in Preston.   The star attraction, in my opinion, had to be the litter of piglets squealing, snorting and snuffling around their pen.   This was followed by a rather bizarre, but hilarious Sheep Roadshow with […]

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