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102/365 – Factory

On Sunday evening (13 April) my photography group was let loose around an old factory in the middle of a deep, dark wood.  The factory, although working, was decrepit and by all accounts a health and safety nightmare.  There were feral cats running amok, great […]

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20/365 – Vented

I left work early to make the most of the fading sun.  At the train station, the decorative fountains had been turned off in preparation for the freezing temperatures we are expecting tonight.   While I was trying to decide an approach to capturing the […]

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10/365 – Trollied

With a 365 project you have to be ready to snap a shot at any moment, so even the most mundane chores present an opportunity to fulfil the day’s challenge.  A quick stop at the supermarket this afternoon resulted in this abstract trolley picture.

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