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269/365 – Incy Wincy

By mid afternoon the lurgy which had knocked me for six the previous few days, started to recede and I began to feel a little more human.  The sun was shining so I stepped into the back garden for some vitamin D a search for creepy crawly subjects. […]

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223/365 – Croscosmia

A gentle evening amble around the local neighbourhood.  I had hoped to bump into some of the resident cats but the street was quiet. Normally, I stop to stroke any feline that gives me the time of day – we have a brief chat before I […]


221/365 – Ants in your pants

Have you ever tried to photograph an ants nest?  This afternoon, I gingerly set my tripod over a nest that was positively heaving with the industrious little insects.  But boy, they never sit still – I found it virtually impossible to focus on them.   […]


162/365 – Just Buzzin’

I had a little saunter around the local allotment this evening.  There were flowers galore and rows and rows of juicy fruit and vegetables almost ready to plate.  Strawberries, rhubarb, beans and onions – I love to see a plot bursting with edible goodies.  The bees […]


111/365 – The Fly

No Goldblum here – Sorry! Today I stood in the garden for 45 minutes trying to photograph hovering bees.  I haven’t quite mastered that technique yet, so I settled for a bluebottle fly sitting on a leaf! I managed to capture the fly with varying […]

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