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304/365 – Happy Halloween!

It has been exceptionally mild the past few days, the heating has gone off again and the winter duvet is baking us in our beds! I donned jeans for the first time since my operation 10 days ago, they were still a little uncomfortable but […]



The man in the photo is a friend of mine and one of the loveliest guys you could meet; always smiling, positive and happy…but by God, with a bit of creative lighting and a steely glare, he looks seriously sinister! Perfect for Halloween!  

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302/365 – Tormented

Yes, I’m still on the Halloween theme. Don’t worry, you only have to endure two more days of my dark side before we can get back to fluffy, lovely things!   This ghostly image was created in a single shot – no photoshop – just […]


301/365 – Candyman…Candyman…

For the first time since the op, I’m starting to feel much more human.  So, I have upgraded from tracksuit bottoms to loose fitting walking trousers. I’m only a stone’s throw away from jeans and then I will be my normal self.  I even felt good enough to receive […]

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299/365 – Don’t lose your head

I only made it out of the house for 20 minutes and it was just to take another creepy photo on the street outside.  I could definitely feel the neighbour’s curtains twitching for this one. I’m not totally happy with the results, I often mis-calculate the power […]

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