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164/365 – Photostacking

After a day of dreary weather, the rain stopped just long enough for me to step outdoors and take some photos of droplets on garden plants.   I thought this would be a good opportunity to try a bit of photo stacking.  This is the process […]

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155/365 – Lovebirds

For nearly 20 minutes, these two woodpigeons snuggled and preened each other on the fence at the end of my garden.   By the time I decided to photograph them they’d moved apart somewhat, but for what I consider a dopey, fat bird I thought […]

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141/365 – Greedy guts

I was up earlier than usual this morning in order to prepare myself for the first commute on my shiny new bicycle. Once I’d packed my bags and prepped the bicycle, I found I had a spare 20 minutes on my hands so decided to attempt […]