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18/52 Parkrun

Earlier this year I decided to start the Couch to 5K (C25K) running programme.   At the beginning of April I ran my first 5km with a group of other C25Kers.  I’m now running three times a week, but I can’t quite bring myself to […]

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I experienced my first mini-cosplay event today at Manor Lodge Discovery Centre.  Whilst there was a nod to the Tudors (the site is where Mary Queen of Scotts was held captive for 12 years),  people were invited attend dressed as their favourite character.  I met several […]

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242/365 – Big. Bad. Tractors.

Our friends know how to find entertainment and the North West Tractor Pulling competition was no exception. Never heard of tractor pulling?  Well, this description from the North West Tractor Pulling Club explains: Tractor pulling competitions take place on a 100 metre track, and involve […]

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