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300/365 – Dew drops

A bit of a break from the creeptastic stuff.  It’s been a foggy day and I’m getting a bit bored of my own company and being cooped up. Until today, I was unaware that the bush in my back garden is covered in mesh of […]

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165/365 – Rainy day

It’s been a horrible day today and it’s made me grumpy.  The weather had better pull its socks up in time for my holiday next week. These are the raindrops on my front window!


164/365 – Photostacking

After a day of dreary weather, the rain stopped just long enough for me to step outdoors and take some photos of droplets on garden plants.   I thought this would be a good opportunity to try a bit of photo stacking.  This is the process […]

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15/365 – Aqua mania

Well, I think this photo was more fluke than skill.  I should have been out with the IJWTGP group this evening but the howling wind and rain gave me a reason to stay indoors.   I started flicking through some old magazines to look for inspiration […]