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3/52 Hound dog eyes!

Who could resist those dopey spaniel eyes?  And, what a good boy he was (though treats might have had something to do with it).  The biggest challenge was getting him to sit in the precise spot for the flash, then look up adoringly. Though versed […]


Newborns and dog antics

I’d say I’ve photographed a variety of subjects in my time, but last weekend was the first time I was faced with the challenge of a newborn baby and his canine brothers. Babies can be propped into all sorts of positions but first he needs […]

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Dexter comes to visit

A weekend of dog sitting presents a good photo opportunity.  Though, working with a puppy has its difficulties.   He doesn’t like sitting still so preparing him for an official portrait shot requires A LOT of patience.   In the end I managed to grab one […]

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Today was a day of mixed creativity. It started with a spot of bird watching and the hope of photographing a goldcrest. Having seen one within spitting distance at Longshaw Estate last Sunday, I thought I’d try my luck today. Well, after two hours of listening, and […]

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358/365 – Phoebe

I arrived at my parents after a fairly uneventful flight and was greeted with a glass of wine, a wonderful home cooked meal and my favourite dog, Phoebe! She’s a Basset Fauve De Bretagne  

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308/365 – Dogs dogs and more dogs

Today I spent two hours at the Doggy Den where I had my annual quota of dog hugs, nuzzles, drool and licks.  Great fun!   The owner kindly allowed me in after I explained that I was building my portfolio and wanted some new and interesting photos opportunities.  I was […]

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