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354/365 – Christmas mix up

I realised today that I’d forgotten to post a photo on Saturday (this post is should have been 353 and yesterday’s photo should have been 354) – This must be the culmination of several Christmas parties back to back!

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305/365 – Deer at dawn

WOWZERS!  It’s November and the temperature soared to 17.5 degrees Celcius this afternoon! At 6.30am, I peaked from my bedroom window and could tell the sunset over the Peak District would be a good one. I knew it would probably be my one and only chance to […]

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80/365 – Deer Roe Deer

And the award for the title of this image goes to my other half…*groan*.  On Saturday, I lugged all of my camera equipment on an 8 mile hike along the North Yorkshire coast between Ravenscar and Robin Hood’s Bay.   I ummed and ahhed about […]

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