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57/365 – Steel steps

Today I asked my hairdresser whether he’d be happy for me to photograph him.  He’s sleek, immaculately dressed, well manicured and in my humble opinion would make a super subject.  The salon is uber trendy (I must point out that I am not) with young hipsters modelling their asymmetrical hairdos […]

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56/365 – The Grind

I wandered around town in my lunch break today to try and get out of my photographic rut.  I shot statues, buildings and a range of people including the local hotdog seller who was happy to pose.  I then came across some young lads skateboarding and […]

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42/365 – A bird’s eye view

An amble around a carpark gave me a new perspective today.     I think I’d like to do this sort of angle when it’s raining – a bird’s eye view of a crowded street and lots of umbrellas!  Now, to find a location where […]

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