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Abandoned Chapel

It’s quite a thing not having the pressure of taking a photo every day.   I went for a 6 mile walk at the weekend and left the camera at home even though I knew there would be some interesting scenery – Shock!  In fact, I […]

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311/365 – Remember them

I made a special visit to this church in High Bradfield to photograph the poppies projected onto the side of the building. The art installation is “part of the Poppy Memorial Trail, which incorporates St Nicholas’ Church war memorials and war graves.  The project is […]

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103/265 – Angel

Yesterday afterwork my partner and I had a short wander around our village.  First stop were the allotments where, for the most part, the plots were immaculate.  However, there were one or two sheds that looked as though they’d seen better days, yet they still had […]

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