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11/52 – Soaring

We’re lucky enough to have a pair of red kites nesting near our home.  Once in decline, their numbers are now on the increase thanks to conservation efforts.  According to the RSPB, “there are probably around 1,800 breeding pairs in Britain (about 7 per cent […]

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10/52 Playing with gels

I haven’t really used coloured gels before and there’s definitely an art to it.  Decisions about which colour should predominate, where they should hit the subject, which complementary colours to use and how to subtly blend them – need some thought.  I have some work […]

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9/52 Birdlife

On my regular lunchtime amble around the park near my office, I often spot wildlife busying about at the river’s edge, along the canal, in wooded areas or on the open grassland. Within 5 minutes of the city centre you can be strolling through woodland, […]

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Coloured dice on shiny black surface

7/52 – Indoors

I attempted to photograph a few subjects this week.  More birds – though this was scuppered by the neighbour’s cat who insisted (noisily) on keeping me company while I sat in a bush waiting for the nuthatches.   Then, I found myself rummaging through drawers […]

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5/52 The moody creative

After a family photoshoot which I sadly can’t share due to adoption guidelines, I spent a while photographing a friend who wanted some ‘moody’ images to use in a self promotion brochure in the creative industry. I think we nailed the moody! Canon 5D MKIII, […]


3/52 Hound dog eyes!

Who could resist those dopey spaniel eyes?  And, what a good boy he was (though treats might have had something to do with it).  The biggest challenge was getting him to sit in the precise spot for the flash, then look up adoringly. Though versed […]