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194/365 – Exam time

I’m not averse to using my iPhone to capture an image but I must admit I don’t do it very often – for this project anyway.  The main reason I chose to start the 365 project was to practise using my camera so I try to […]

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187/365 – Well dressing

Well dressing is a quaint summer tradition which finds its origins (possibly) in a Pagan ritual celebrating clean spring water.  There are other possible theories about its origins but this is my favourite.   The practice takes part in many of the towns and villages around Derbyshire, Staffordshire, […]


148/365 – Painting with photography

We spent a wonderful day on Lindisfarne (Holy Island) today.  We drove across the causeway at 9.30 am before the tide rose to cut us off from the mainland.   During our 4 hour stay, and before the waters receded again, we circumnavigated the island on foot and […]

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128/365 – Commiserations

Personally I think it is a bad day for Britain.   After the highs of meeting Nick Clegg last night, today I can only wonder what he must be feeling.   When I spoke to him I asked, “what are the key policies your party can claim […]

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