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351/365 – Light em up

Every year, one of our neighbours has Christmas light bonanza.    People from all over the village (and further afield) pop by to wander around the garden and feast their eyes on, amongst other things, a family of penguins on a slide, the life sized […]


194/365 – Exam time

I’m not averse to using my iPhone to capture an image but I must admit I don’t do it very often – for this project anyway.  The main reason I chose to start the 365 project was to practise using my camera so I try to […]

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27/365 – Tunnel Vision

Waiting for the train this evening, I noticed the cycle rack was completely empty and just before my train rolled in, I crouched to get a photo along its length.  So far this project has been really forced me to consider different aspects and compositions – […]


13/365 – Ice and a slice

I’ve never dipped so many things into a gin and tonic before taking a sip.  So tell me, how do you stop a slice of lemon floating to the top of a glass?   Well, my solution was a bulldog clip.  Then there is the […]


5/365 – Roof

First day back at work and I took my camera with me for the first time.  I’ve passed this roof every working day for the last year and thought it might make an interesting abstract photo.  Here’s to day 5 of the 365!

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