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326/365 – Urban Projections

I was recently asked by a friend to photograph a light display in Leicester as part of the Christmas light switch-on. As you can imagine, there were plenty of interesting activities taking place around the city but my focus was a 7 minute animated projection (designed by Urban Projections) […]

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321/365 – Christmas is coming…

Mid November and the shops are playing their Christmas compilations and people are window shopping for ideas.  Some people I know have already bought their Christmas presents and are sitting back with looks of gloating accomplishment! Well, that’s far too organised if you ask me. […]

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320/365 – Hand held low light

A recent purchase of a full frame camera led me to see what the capability is like in low light.  Whilst I didn’t push the camera to it’s maximum of 256000 ISO (!!!!!), I dabbled with the ISO at 8000 and took these two photos […]

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299/365 – Don’t lose your head

I only made it out of the house for 20 minutes and it was just to take another creepy photo on the street outside.  I could definitely feel the neighbour’s curtains twitching for this one. I’m not totally happy with the results, I often mis-calculate the power […]

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291/365 – Night Strider 2015

As I mentioned in my previous post, we took part in a 13 mile charity walk which started at 9.30pm on Saturday night and finished at 2.30am this morning.     Although I do a lot of walking, they are usually around 6-7 miles, so […]

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