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347/365 – Tim

We had a leisurely stroll along the bank of the Thames as part of the Brunel guided walk which took us from Bermondsey Station to the Brunel museum.  Our guide was the inimitable actor and singer/songwriter, Tim Thomas.  One of his claims to fame, besides […]


345/365 – Amber

Off to London town to immerse ourselves in the bustling Christmas crowds but before that, a quick stop to photograph the merry-go-round in Sheffield.  After a two hour journey, we were greeted at St. Pancras Station by a giant Disney character Christmas tree!    


331/365 – Urban beats Idrum style

On my usual saunter through town, I happened upon these two guys absolutely mesmerising the crowd with their drumming performance.   Apart from wanting to photograph them, I just wanted to get in there and start dancing. Oh yeah,  and I found Utopia!

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329/365 – About town

I spent several hours at my local nature reserve trying to take advantage of the good weather and photographic light. It’s typical –  when all the conditions are right, the wildlife seems to disappear.   So, later that evening I went in search of a […]