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Coloured dice on shiny black surface

7/52 – Indoors

I attempted to photograph a few subjects this week.  More birds – though this was scuppered by the neighbour’s cat who insisted (noisily) on keeping me company while I sat in a bush waiting for the nuthatches.   Then, I found myself rummaging through drawers […]

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365/365 – The End

Wow!  I made it.  A pat on the back to me!  So, what have I learned after a year of photography: There’s inspiration in everything but, I definitely have a preference for people/portraiture and wildlife photography When you set your mind to something, you CAN […]


357/365 – Snow flakes

A lovely Christmas dinner with my other half, followed by some present opening before I head off to France to see the family tomorrow!   Fingers crossed for some snow.    

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354/365 – Christmas mix up

I realised today that I’d forgotten to post a photo on Saturday (this post is should have been 353 and yesterday’s photo should have been 354) – This must be the culmination of several Christmas parties back to back!

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349/365 – Bauble

I’m a little behind with the posts.  Tonight I was wandering the streets with some of my photo buddies practicing my candid versus asking-people-if-I-could-take-their-photo technique.  I had mixed results, but I’ll share those tomorrow!