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Rugby women

This was perhaps one of my more challenging shoots.  A women’s rugby team no less.   There were several things working against us. Firstly, we didn’t have a pitch to use as a backdrop, and the bit of garden we did have was flooded in […]

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Eroica Britannia

My first visit to the vintage / retro cycling festival in the quaint town of Bakewell.  The mud was thick, but so was the atmosphere – thick with laughter and enjoyment.   Tweed was in abundance, as were the pre-1987 bicycles, the vintage caps and jerseys. Dogs, […]

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1,2 and 3 light set ups

I’ve recently been experimenting with lighting set-ups. I’m also preparing to move house so beds have been dismantled and I suddenly find myself with a bit of space, white walls and a bit of room to manoeuvre.  A Studio!!  I don’t have a lot of fancy lighting […]

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HSBC London 7s – the fans

Yesterday’s photos focused on the sporting action at the London 7s tournament, but frankly, one of the best things about sporting events are the crowds.   You’ll notice a good handful of the pictures I’ve posted today feature the Fijian supporters. It was a real […]

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HSBC London Sevens

We had a fantastic weekend in London watching the HSBC Sevens World Series (London) at Twickenham.  Initially I was a little dubious about spending ALL weekend watching game after game, but in the end, I was sorry we couldn’t stay for the final to see Scotland […]

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325/365 – Barbarians vs Argentina

A day trip to Twickenham to watch an exhibition match between the Barbarians and Argentina. I had another one of my camera equipment dilemmas – I worried that I might be stopped from entering if I took my large lens with me.  I was, annoyed to […]

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