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18/52 Parkrun

Earlier this year I decided to start the Couch to 5K (C25K) running programme.   At the beginning of April I ran my first 5km with a group of other C25Kers.  I’m now running three times a week, but I can’t quite bring myself to […]

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10/52 Playing with gels

I haven’t really used coloured gels before and there’s definitely an art to it.  Decisions about which colour should predominate, where they should hit the subject, which complementary colours to use and how to subtly blend them – need some thought.  I have some work […]

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Balloon Fiesta

The four day Bristol Balloon Fiesta celebrated its 40th anniversary this year, but many of the planned activities were hampered or cancelled by bad weather. We arrived early Friday evening to clear skies and high winds.  The mass balloon take-off was reduced to a single, […]


Velothon Wales

If you were in South Wales today you were either racing in the Velothon Wales, cursing it for marooning you in your home (all the roads on the 140k circuit were closed), watching it, or photographing it.  It doesn’t take a genius to figure out […]


Roller Derby

I find myself in a perpetual cycle of getting fit, losing weight, letting go, qualifying for the Couch Potato Games, putting on weight, resolving to do something about it, getting fit, losing weight…You get the picture. In my latest attempt to be disqualified from the […]


Utah Beach

It’s been nearly two months since my holiday to Normandy and Brittany and I’ve only just started to sort through some of my photos.  Moving house and countries (to Wales) does take up a lot of time – it means I haven’t picked up my camera for […]