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9/52 Birdlife

On my regular lunchtime amble around the park near my office, I often spot wildlife busying about at the river’s edge, along the canal, in wooded areas or on the open grassland. Within 5 minutes of the city centre you can be strolling through woodland, […]

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8/52 Spring

Week eight and the first week I shot photos in a panic, and I think my photos reflect the rush. It’s been a hot, hot February – the hottest since records began – which to me, is a sorry indicator of our changing climes.  It […]

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Coloured dice on shiny black surface

7/52 – Indoors

I attempted to photograph a few subjects this week.  More birds – though this was scuppered by the neighbour’s cat who insisted (noisily) on keeping me company while I sat in a bush waiting for the nuthatches.   Then, I found myself rummaging through drawers […]

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6/52 Winter blast

After the recent heavy snowfall (UK), I started to ponder what happened in days gone by when snow was a common occurrence?  Did we shut schools at the slightest flurry, or give up trying to get the car off the drive because of an inch […]


5/52 The moody creative

After a family photoshoot which I sadly can’t share due to adoption guidelines, I spent a while photographing a friend who wanted some ‘moody’ images to use in a self promotion brochure in the creative industry. I think we nailed the moody! Canon 5D MKIII, […]


4/52 – Sunrise on a school day

At this time of year, I don’t normally have the opportunity to see the sun rise.  I go to work in the dark and come home in the dark. By the time the sun creeps over the horizon, I’ve just finished a 75 minute commute […]