13/52 Graffiti Art

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Photography, Street Photography

Busy Busy Busy.  The week flew by and before I knew it, it was week 14 and I hadn’t been out with the DSLR.  Most of my week was spent organising a mural painting event with some students and a local nursery.   Over two days we learnt a bit about graffiti art while we painted the background and block colours.  The final, glorious detail was added by Bradley ‘RMER’ Woods, a Cardiff Graffti artist who oversaw the creative side.

I hope sharing a couple of iPhone photos still counts as part of the 52 project…


Mural Painting 11



One thought on “13/52 Graffiti Art”

  1. they are fantastic! I’d put those ocean critters on a vintage camper any day ❤

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