9/52 Birdlife

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Animals, Nature, Photography, Wildlife

On my regular lunchtime amble around the park near my office, I often spot wildlife busying about at the river’s edge, along the canal, in wooded areas or on the open grassland.

Within 5 minutes of the city centre you can be strolling through woodland, swapping the concrete jungle for a real one (ish), though the joggers, dog walkers, tourists, office workers and university students won’t let you forget you haven’t quite escaped.  Nature doesn’t care too much about proximity, so if there’s food, water and shelter, you’ll find wildlife.   Swifts, squirrels, goldfinches, long-tailed tits, jays, waxwings, and much much more have been spotted in the park,  but goldcrests were this week’s subject.

Goldcrests are tiny little birds often seen hanging upside down in conifer.  I’ve tried photographing them on numerous occasions but they never sit still and I’ve only ever managed a few photos of a rump or a blur of feathers.  Or worse, I’ve had a close encounter but no camera.  Good fortune this week found me with both a camera and direct-line-of-sight of 4 goldcrests pottering about.  Whooppeee.  Oh and don’t forget the jay and wren. Bonus!

Canon EOS 7D MKII | Canon 400m f/5.6 L










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