8/52 Spring

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Nature, Photography

Week eight and the first week I shot photos in a panic, and I think my photos reflect the rush.

It’s been a hot, hot February – the hottest since records began – which to me, is a sorry indicator of our changing climes.  It is not the month to be frolicking about in short sleeves, however enjoyable. Even the birds are confused.  Is it time to nest or isn’t it?

The gardens near my office have been packed with people baring pasty white skin and worshipping the sunshine.  I have also taken advantage of the opportunity to soak up some vitamin D and photograph the flowers in to bloom.  A carpet of crocuses is a wonderful sight and irresistible to anyone with a phone or a camera.  In a week or so, all swathes of daffodils will take over the show.

This week I used my mirrorless Sony A6000.   I heard so many good things about this little camera but I’ve struggled to use it in anger.   It’s convenient, lightweight, has a handy flip-out screen and all the manual capabilities one needs, but I just can’t get to grips with it.  The battery life is very poor so you have to a few spare with you at all times and for some reason the autofocus is all over the place!  User error perhaps?





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