6/52 Winter blast

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After the recent heavy snowfall (UK), I started to ponder what happened in days gone by when snow was a common occurrence?  Did we shut schools at the slightest flurry, or give up trying to get the car off the drive because of an inch of snow?  Did we have constant media coverage with a conveyor belt of presenters standing in a snow drift looking frozen, dishevelled and wind-burnt telling us that ‘it is very snowy’?   I can’t quite remember…















3 thoughts on “6/52 Winter blast”

  1. I’m posting this on behalf of a friend who emailed me with the following response two my ponderings:

    Well I went to school in the UK (Home counties) from 1960 to 1970. We didn’t often have much snow, but I remember the winter of 1962-1963 being bad. There were odd days other years where there was snow. Communication didn’t exist in those days, so everyone struggled to get to school (on foot, bicycle, car (rare), school bus or train (I did train with two walks at either end of about 1/2 mile). If the transport didn’t turn up, you went back home. If you got to school, and staff numbers were low, then staff gave work to do to keep us amused (along the lines of “read the next chapter in your text book and answer the questions at the end”) and buzzed between classrooms to make sure rioting wasn’t taking place. However, it was an all-girls grammar school so we were all terribly well behaved! Sometimes we were sent home early so we could get home before dark.

  2. Wonderful photos. Well, in Finland have had “bad” winters also. Snow is not big problem, but cold!

    Have a good day!

    • Oooh Finland is on my list of places to visit. But I have to decide whether to go in the summer with the mosquitos or the winter with the cold! 😆

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