4/52 – Sunrise on a school day

Landscape, Photography

At this time of year, I don’t normally have the opportunity to see the sun rise.  I go to work in the dark and come home in the dark. By the time the sun creeps over the horizon, I’ve just finished a 75 minute commute and am usually preparing to for a day’s work where fiery sunrises are blocked from view by high-rise buildings.

On the odd occasion I have the luxury of working from home.  I say ‘luxury’, because on these days I can roll out of bed an hour later. I can make breakfast without fear of missing my train and let my hair go unbrushed.  I can wear pyjamas at my desk and focus on the day’s tasks with out interruption.   Today was one of those days.

But, instead of grabbing an extra hour in bed, I decided to race up a hill to try and capture the moon setting and the sun rising.  I set off in the dark on a steep muddy path, passed bleary-eyed sheep and shouty blackbirds.

By the time I’d reached the top, the shadows were disappearing and the moon had dropped behind some clouds.    I waited for 20 more minutes for the sun to rise and was disappointed by a bank of low lying cloud that obscured the moment it surfaced. But a few minutes later, it appeared again and lit the hill in a honey coloured glow.  I think I understand ancient sun worshipping.


I’m afraid I can’t offer a moon shot – they were all singularly unimpressive 😦


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