Skirrid moods

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The mountain…ahem… ‘hill’ opposite our house is one of the main reasons we chose to move. It’s the view from our bedroom and living room and we love it.  Every moment of every day, Skirrid offers a new picture and palette of colours.  I now have a camera on standby waiting to capture its many moods.


Triley Christmas (31 of 32)

Triley Christmas (30 of 32)



3 thoughts on “Skirrid moods”

  1. Lovely photos. Living opposite Mont Ventoux I can’t now imagine being without a mountain to observe. I understand Cezanne’s obsession with Mont Saint Victoire; and yours with your mountain.

    Couldn”t post this because I don’t have any accounts that fit- I keep trying to dis-inscribe myself from big-IT

  2. joyfullyhis1 says:

    I always am looking forward to your photographs that you take they’re always so great. I am interested to see what you post this year for Halloween coming up like you did last year. The variety that you post from the puffins to the beach scenes to Halloween to different animals and now this of the mountain (oops, the “HILL” since we have Mount Rainier here in the state of Washington at 14,100 feet lol) is photography I am really enjoing and show my friends too who also enjoy them!

    • Thank you for the kind words. Every picture has a story to tell and I hate to be boxed in by one genre, so I’m glad you like the variety. I had better get my thinking cap on for Halloween! Oh… and I love Washington State, unfortunately when we were there, Mt Ranier was under several meters of snow so we had to admire from a distance.

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