Summer turns to autumn

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There’s a definitely a change in the air.   The long hot days of summer are slowly ebbing away.  The unusually long dry spell in ‘wet Wales’ has finally broken to make way for storms and high winds.  On calmer days, the mornings are cool and damp with a sweet smell of mulching leaves.

The hill we can normally see from our living room is regularly wrapped in a veil of clouds and we bicker about whether we can last another week before officially turning the heating back on.  ‘It’s still September you know and I’m sure there’ll be a few more hot days!’

The leaves are turning and those that let go of the branches, whirl around in gusts or simply drop to the floor in a thick carpet of yellows, browns and pale green. It’s the perfect medium for mushrooms and toadstools.

I have no expertise in mycology but we have such variety in the woods behind my house – from delicate toadstools the size of matchsticks to huge dinner plate fungi growing at the base of trees.    I would love to be able to identify these, I think the first four are common ink caps.








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