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Our next door neighbours’ cats are extraordinary – they’re Maine Coons, one of the largest breeds of domestic cat – and truly are a sight to be hold at nearly three times the size of a normal puss.

Minky, the grey, has a tendency to follow me on walks around the woods.  This is not conducive to photographing wildlife, especially birds.   But he is good company and sticks close by so I’ll forgive him for scaring off my subjects.   He makes up for it by posing beautifully.

Loki on the other hand, is a shy, timid cat who can barely stand to be petted.  But he is such a handsome boy, almost regal and oh so photogenic.  Wouldn’t you agree?





One thought on “Cats”

  1. joyfullyhis1 says:

    Absolutely fabulous, the swagger of the grey cat with its magnificent whiskers is well captured and the yellow tabby’s facial expression seems to say, “I know I’m eloquent. Well done!

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