Mystical woods

Landscape, Nature, Photography

It’s been a while since I dusted off the ol’ camera.  Two and a half months ago, we house and time has spun away from me.   Until now, most of the weekends have been dedicated to getting the house in order or entertaining guests.   Now, as the last of the boxes are deconstructed and the contents stored in their designated spot, I am finding more time to explore the mountain side behind.

Last weekend we headed out in the mist with no particular route in mind and found ourselves in a magical woodland (not dissimilar to my last post).  The densely packed, knarled oak trees leered over us and the heavy mist gave the place an ethereal feel.   I was certain we’d bump into a mystical being, a woodland nymph or maenad.    What could you imagine finding here…?




4 thoughts on “Mystical woods”

  1. joyfullyhis1 says:

    I would expect to find elves for sure! Maybe a hobbit 🙂 glad your unpacked and find time for the camera again!

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