Mostly cows…

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On a recent visit to Cornwall, we happened upon The annual Stithians Show, one of the largest agricultural shows in the UK and an opportunity for suburbanites to experience a world of cattle grooming, gun dog displays, horse jumping, egg judging, cider sipping and much, much more.   You’d be forgiven for thinking you’d stepped into an episode of The Archers as the Women’s Institute taste tested fancy cakes and jams whilst ruddy-faced, peak-capped farmers conversed in thick, southwest accents about the state of farming and bartered over heifers.

Traditional skills such as thatching – which is not as some might imagine a dying art – and cider making were on display among classic cars and steam engines where proud owners tinkered with pistons and cogs in the summer sun.   If you needed a tractor, wanted to bulk-buy animal feed or set up glamping pods on a spare acre of land, this was the place to be.

For the elderly folk, a main stage saw a line up music acts including a crooning Fred Astaire tribute act and an oddly out of place steel pan band.  Bucket loads of real cream ice-cream were sold to happy children and dogs of every shape size could be seen wondered around with their family, looking less than happy as they dodged thousands shuffling feet.

I took great delight wondering among the sheep cattle while they were primped, waxed and brushed to a fine shine.  Some farmers went the extra mile, backing brushing tails and adding hairspray to achieve the perfect cotton candy finish (see photo).

All photos taken with Canon EOS 5D MKIII with a Canon 24-105mm F4-5.6 L lens.

Below: A rabbit undergoes the full inspection as part of the judging

Below:  eggs on display, ready for judging





10 thoughts on “Mostly cows…”

  1. I loved your photos – they’re wonderful! I’m from NZ and many years ago hubbie and I were in Cornwall and were going to visit (possibly) this show but the traffic seemed to be backed up for miles so rather than waste precious travel time in car queues we went off exploring in the opposite direction. We had a lovely day but were sad to miss the show. So nice to see your photos!

    • Ooh! There are two large agricultural shows in Cornwall, this one and the Royal Cornwall show. Both are great. I’ve been to NZ. Love it!

  2. joyfullyhis1 says:

    Loved all the animals, loved the cows. From an art buyer, not a critic or expert but one who likes photography, I thought you did a good job!!! Like your blog.

    • I really appreciate the comments, I’m often very self-critical so it’s always nice to hear other people’s appreciation for my images!

  3. Love these!! My husband and I manage the family cattle ranch here in Texas. I love cows. The egg judging is a new one though. What are the criteria? Again, love the cows!

    • Thanks you. I agree cows are great and I’d love to do a photo project on a cattle ranch in the states! We have a dairy herd behind our house –
      they’re always so inquisitive.

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