Velothon Wales

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If you were in South Wales today you were either racing in the Velothon Wales, cursing it for marooning you in your home (all the roads on the 140k circuit were closed), watching it, or photographing it.  It doesn’t take a genius to figure out which one of those things I was doing.

The race drew over 15,000 participants of all shapes and sizes, ages and experience, from the keen amateur to the hardened professional.  The pros, I might add, cycled a 194km circuit and faced the infamous Tumble climb twice.  This 6km, 10% incline is enough to send most people running for their comfortable sofas.  But, with gritted teeth, burning thighs and the odd dismount, waves and waves of cyclists took up the challenge.  The ascent can be anywhere from 50 minutes to circa 12 minutes depending on which end of the cycling spectrum you’re on.

I took thousands of photographs using my Canon 70-200mm f2.8 L series on the EOS 7D MKII.  Next time, I might go for something a bit wider –  perhaps the 24-70mm.

Velathon Wales_2017-987-Edit

Velathon Wales_2017-997

Velathon Wales_2017-894

Velathon Wales_2017-890

Velathon Wales_2017-872

Velathon Wales_2017-949

Velathon Wales_2017-915-Edit

Velathon Wales_2017-942

Velathon Wales_2017-919

Velathon Wales_2017-910-Edit

Velathon Wales_2017-896

Velathon Wales_2017-904

Velathon Wales_2017-502

Velathon Wales_2017-371

Velathon Wales_2017-286

Velathon Wales_2017-848Velathon Wales_2017-368

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