Roller Derby

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I find myself in a perpetual cycle of getting fit, losing weight, letting go, qualifying for the Couch Potato Games, putting on weight, resolving to do something about it, getting fit, losing weight…You get the picture.

In my latest attempt to be disqualified from the Couch Potato Games, I looked into several sports in my local area.  Some I’ve played to reasonable standard before – namely hockey, rugby, tennis, rowing, softball, football. Others have always been on my ‘must try before I’m too old and immobile’ list.   This list comprises sports such as korfball, lacrosse, judo, ultimate Frisbee and ROLLER DERBY!

After watching the cult movie Whip It, I could picture myself snaking around a rink on purple skates with a orange flame motifs and calling on my rugby skills to annihilate the opposition.  I’d choose a proper derby alias like AMYGEDDON and brandish it like a badge of honour!

With that in the back of my mind I decided to go and watch a game – Cardiff’s Tiger Bay Brawlers vs Dublin Roller Derby.   Rarely would I attend an event like this without my camera, and so, I combined the need to satisfy my curiosity with a photo opportunity.

It was full on!  Aggressive, tactical, fast-paced and thoroughly enjoyable (despite me not understanding the rules).  It’s the sort of game that attracts women with an ‘edge’.  It’s gritty.  It’s not for the faint hearted. If you’re hair isn’t styled asymmetrically, or died neon green, or you don’t have tattoos, or your face isn’t pierced in some way, then it might not be right for you.

Whilst I think I would enjoy playing, I have doubts about my ability to do it all on skates! I was far too comfortable watching and taking photos from the sidelines.  For now, I’ll stick with daydreaming about my debut as Amygeddon in a Drew Barrymore(esk) stylee. You’ll have to see the film if you want to know what I’m talking about.













4 thoughts on “Roller Derby”

  1. I didnt know that this sport was still practiced! Great story, Great pictures…

  2. Good Job! Like the pics up close and…personal? lol… Cute story to go with…I can relate to the perpetual cycle. Hey wait, could that be a sport in itself? Just a thought…

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