Birds of Arizona (and a Coyote)

Nature, Photography, Wildlife

Sifting through photos of a visit to Tucson early last year, I realised there were one or two that were still worth sharing.   I love visiting new places and discovering the local wildlife; Arizona has so much to offer.  Many of these photos were taken just outside the back door of the house we stayed in – I’d love to go back and spend more time bird spotting.

Cooper’s Hawkuntitled_51_160224

Acorn woodpeckeruntitled_8_160219

Curve-billed thrasheruntitled_4_160214

Anna’s Hummingbirduntitled_58_160224

Mourning dovesuntitled_40_160216

Cactus wrenuntitled_74_160224


Gila woodpeckeruntitled_41_160224


Harris Hawkuntitled_69_160224

11 thoughts on “Birds of Arizona (and a Coyote)”

  1. Morgan Reed says:

    These pictures are so beautiful! I live in Arizona and see this beauties from time to time, but never like this! Love it 🙂

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