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How delightful!  I’ve been ‘Discovered’! I woke up to a gazillion notifications after being featured as an Editor’s Pick on WordPress’s Discover site which is quote: “A daily selection of the best content published on WordPress, collected for you by humans who love to read”.

What’s more, I can officially pin a WordPress Discover badge to my site.   It’s not dissimilar to being in the Girl Guides, only my badge is virtual and I don’t have to “promise to do my best” or “serve the Queen”.  Thank you WordPress and welcome new followers!

Onto today’s post. During a recent trip to Bath, I came across a fabulous umbrella art installation.  People were jostling to take photos and selfies of the colourful display – I joined the fray and elbowed a few out of the way to take my shots. When the sun shone, a honeycomb carpet of shadows came into sharp focus on the ground.   I imagine in heavy rain, the water would cascade off the umbrellas in a satisfying fashion too.



29 thoughts on “Discovered”

  1. Congratulations and well deserved. You have maintained a consistent quality, and regular posts for an amazing length of time.

  2. fervourgotyou says:

    Love the consistency. Check out my work, too!❤️

    • Thanks! It’s true, if you look for it, you will find art and beauty in most things!

  3. livewithintention98 says:

    Congratulations! You take amazing photos. 😊

  4. Admire your talent (Congratulations on being discovered!), am enjoying your stories, and thanking you for uplifting and inspiring me with your art!

  5. Reblogged this on Exploring Colour and commented:
    Just love this striking art installation in Bath and also the brilliant photographs by A. Nathan Photography. To me the mix of warm and cool colours are pleasing and I admire the scale of the installation as it stretches down the street – great perspective in the photo! The photographer has also taken a shot of the shadows under the umbrellas that reveals the intriguing pattern effect on the street below. The last photo is a view of the underside of the brollies which instantly reminded me of poppies! This bright and cheery installation photographed so beautifully and comprehensively by A. Nathan Photography has given me the best possible start to the day!

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