Fun in the sun

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We were spoilt last weekend with another dose of spring sunshine – perfect for a family shoot near Shrewsbury.

Grandparents, two sisters and their husbands and children made for a high-spirited, energetic afternoon filled with laughter and smiles.  Three children under the age of 3yrs brought out everyone’s inner child.  Our antics had varying degrees of success when trying to coerce the toddlers into grinning or looking at the camera.   Goofy voices, quirky dances and lots of face-pulling were par for the course, but it meant several photographs had to be ditched when one or other of the adults were snapped mid-gurn.

It can be quite a challenge to corral a large group of people, compose the shot, instruct my ‘glamourous assistant’, then get everyone to look at the camera at the same time.  But everyone chipped in with ideas, and some of the best shots were snapped in the melee  between shots.  All in all, it was a delightful couple of hours!   Here are some of my favourites.

Braun_McGregor_Stevens-78Braun_McGregor_Stevens-77Braun_McGregor_Stevens-46Braun_McGregor_Stevens-30Braun_McGregor_Stevens-14Braun_McGregor_Stevens (213 of 214)Braun_McGregor_Stevens (153 of 214)Braun_McGregor_Stevens (73 of 214)Braun_McGregor_Stevens (79 of 214)Braun_McGregor_Stevens (23 of 214)-Edit

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