Newborns and dog antics

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I’d say I’ve photographed a variety of subjects in my time, but last weekend was the first time I was faced with the challenge of a newborn baby and his canine brothers.

Babies can be propped into all sorts of positions but first he needs to be ‘milk drunk’. His parents were quite keen to have a photo of him squeezed into an army helmet (his mother is in the army) so they were under strict instruction to feed him before the shoot.  But, despite this little chap drinking an entire udder’s worth of milk before and during the shoot, he remained wide awake and alert for a good couple of hours.  While we waited for sleep to come, we persevered with some awake shots – I just loved his little blue eyes.

There were a few costume changes which he loudly objected to, but a little light music from the Dirty Dancing soundtrack and he calmed right down.  Who knew that ‘She’s Like the Wind’ could induce such serenity?

After a couple of hours of baby gymnastics…BRING ON THE HOUNDS!  Therein chaos ensued. An entire bag of chocolate treats disappeared in the space of 5 minutes as we mirthfully coaxed them into sniffing the top of the sleeping babe’s head.   The results weren’t quite as we’d envisaged, but the parents were happy I’d captured all three of their children in the photo.

Bless him, he looks a little shocked in the first two images!









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