A short stay in Pembrokeshire

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I was lucky enough to have two full weeks off over Christmas.  Plenty of time to relax.

The past few days of the holiday were spent in our campervan in a remote part of Pembrokeshire in sub-zero temperatures.   Whilst it may seem a little barmy to pitch up in a field in January, it has its perks.  There are few, if any other campers and you can have the run of the usually busy touristy hotspots.    I of course had my camera(s) but it was a short stay so I only took a handful of photos.    We had the pleasure of watching one sunset, that lit up the horizon in roaring pinky orange.  The clouds broken and created a wonderful texture, whilst the beach, still wet from the receding tide, sparkled in the light.

I took the opportunity to try out a 10-stop ND filter in an attempt to get some milky sea shots and scudding clouds, but I struggled with the set up – it takes patience and experience – and so resorted to a few handheld shots.  A bit disappointing but I just need to practice – I really have no idea how to use filters well.

Below:  Dogs play at Newgale Beach pembrokeshire-28

Below: Stone chat


You’ve heard of ‘getting your ducks in a row’, well what about your sheep?Get your sheep in a row

Solva woollen mill is a lovely little spot on the River Solva and is the oldest working woollen mill in Pembrokeshire

Middle Mill



St David’s Cathedral was a fabulous discovery for us.  The Nave has the most beautiful wooden ceiling, a must see for any visitor.  The rest of the church is

St David's Cathedral



2 thoughts on “A short stay in Pembrokeshire”

  1. SkyeB says:

    I really like your photos or nature they are truly amazing, I really hope you continue to photograph as your work is fantastic!

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